Updates to PR EFT processing.

PR ACH File creation There is a big change to the Payroll EFT file creation option. 

Since it seems all banks like to use their own version of standards for NACH files that they import.  It has always been a game of catch up to try and add options to change the “Standard” to match what each bank wants.  The numerous options to satisfy every bank were just getting to confusion to deal with. So we came up with a better option.  We can now create and save custom lines of code for each bank and each line of the ACH file, on the fly, and save them as the default for crating your ACH files.  

That means we can change any of the standard lines to match “the standard” that your bank wants with out you having to wait till we can put out an update.

This option will be available on the next Payroll update, and look for it to be on the Accounts Payable file creation soon.

But don’t worry, all the options that were there before are still in effect, you don’t have to make any changes to anything until the next time your bank decides to switch things up.  Then we will be ready for them.

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