New Options to Track Anything!!!


Data Pro Visions now has three user customizable General ledger detail code fields that can be used to track anything you want.
The first code is the Grant code and has been available for a long time. It’s a 6 character field that allows you to easily track grants independently from the GL account number. This field can link budgets and specific account numbers to the Grant code for easy reporting.
You can update the information and list of grant codes from the “Grant Codes” option on the General Ledger menu.

The second Field has also been around for a while But it’s getting a face lift. The invoice detail code. This field is getting renamed to “Detail Code One” and is getting a friend known as, you guessed it, “Detail Code Two”.

Both are 6 character Alpha Numeric, and are maintained under the File\Verification Tables option on the main menu.
Any codes that were setup under the Invoice detail code will now show up under the “Detail code One”.
Detail code Two is completely new to allow you even more Flexibility.

While I think of them as Thing one and thing two from Dr. Seuss. The names of these fields can be updated in the organization setup under the File Menu to make them more meaningful to you. These names will then appear on the column headers of the data entry screens.

All the code fields are optional for data entry, but only the codes that are entered in the field lists are able to be used in data entry. This will assure you easier and more accurate entry. The fields can be left blank and/or updated even after the batches are posted without effecting GL account numbers or balances.

These fields will appear on AP the Invoice detail entry and flow into GL when the Invoices are posted. Also the Grant code has been added to the Invoice detail to allow you to break line items out by grant code instead of just invoices. Putting a grant code on an invoice header will now default the detail lines with that grant code.

There are several reports that currently look at these fields for sorting and filtering, and more reports will include them as we go forward.

I hope you enjoy the new fields and that they make organizing and reporting on your specific tasks even easier.

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