Approved Vendor Listing, Quick, Easy, Safe.

Using an approved vendor list allows you to control who is getting paid out of the system. This process involves entering the vendor and then having an admin or authorize manager approve that vendor for use before checks can be processed for them. With proper approval review, this helps to prevent duplicate vendors from being added to the system, and prevents fraudulent vendors from being entered. It’s an easy Safe guard process the will thrill you auditors and board members.  Here’s how easy it is to accomplish in Data Pro Visions.

How to Maintain an Approved Vendor List

Data Pro Visions has the ability to maintain a list of approved vendors. This is an optional function that allows you tighter controls over who can be entered in as vendor and paid. If you use the Approved Vendor option only Vendor that have been approved by an administrator can be paid out of the invoice system. Vendors that are not approve with an administrator password are not allowed to be posted to the invoices or check runs.


To activate the Approved vendors option simply select the Organizations option from the File menu.

Select the organization you would like to activate. Double click to edit the organization information.

Under the AP tab select the edit button, and check the Use Approved Vendors Only Check box.

Save the changes, and exit the window.

Reload the Organization and the approved vendors options will be activated.


Approve Vendors for use

To approve and Disapprove vendors use the Vendor Approval Window. You can access this by selecting the Approve Vendors option from the AP main menu.

This will open the Vendor Approval Window.

This window allows you to approve and disapprove vendors. There are three states of vendor approval, Approved, Unapproved, and Disapproved.

Approved vendors have a check in the approved column and the user id of the user that approved them, along with last date that the approval was granted.

Unapproved Vendors are vendors that have been added to the system but have not yet been approved. These Vendors will have no data in any of the three Approval columns.

Disapproved Vendors are vendors that were purposefully marked as unapproved. This means that their status was actual changed to Unapproved rather than just not yet having been approved. These are indicated by the approved column not being checked but the ID and date showing up in the other approval columns to indicate who disapproved them.

When the system is using approved vendors only, unapproved and disapproved vendors will not be allowed to post in the system.

To approve vendors simply check the Select box on the far left of the grid for each vendor that you want to approve. You can use the Select All button on the button bar to quickly mark them all. Then uncheck the ones you don’t want to approve. Once you have all the desired vendors selected enter your password into the Approved by field at the bottom of the window. When you exit the field is the password is correct the approve button will become enabled. If it doesn’t the password is incorrect or you do not have permission to approve vendors. Make sure the drop down is set to Approve. Select the Approve button and the system will mark all the selected Vendors as approved.

You can disapprove vendors using the same process just change the drop down to Disapproved.

Once you have entered your Password in the Approved by field is will stay there until you delete it or exit the window. So you don’t have to enter it more than one time each session.

Once a vendor is approved or disapproved there is no way to change them back to an unapproved state.

A vendor’s approval state shows on their address card.

You can print an Approved Vendor listing from the options on the Vendor Listing/Labels report on the AP Reports menu.

Unlike Inactive Vendors, you can not override a vendor’s approval state when entering them into invoices. Therefore, unapproved vendors MUST be approved in the approval screen by an authorized user before they can be used in the invoice and check printing process.

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